Thursday, 24 March 2011

Aural Vampire


Aural Vampire (オーラルヴァンパイア, ōraru vanpaia?) is a Japanese electronic band which consists of Exo-Chika (vocals/lyrics) and Raveman (music) formed in 2004.
They hail from Tokyo, Japan and compose mainly electropop, darkwave, and synthpop music with occasional industrial elements.

Aural Vampire has toured Europe numerous times and been featured in magazines such as Astan MagazineThe Dose. During the first four years of their career, they were on an independent label.
Aural Vampire released their full-length self-released debut album, Vampire Ecstasy, in 2004 and released one online single, Death Folder in 2005, which is available on their website. A few tracks and remixes on compilations have appeared throughout their early career but they remained active as a live band.


They combine "sexual feelings with a rhythm box, industrial noise and emotional melodies". 

 With a name like that, they give good aural to their fans.