Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Desktop Error

  Desktop Error, a so called Thai Alternative Indie Rock band, formed by a group of friends that enjoy playing music together since college and university time. With the similar type of music and lifestyle they enjoy together, it eventually inspired them to form their own band.

Desktop Error at the beginning///
   Started their music pathway/career by playing covered Rock music (i.e. Radiohead, Pink Floyd or the Stone Roses) at Lullabar, a bar and restaurant in central Bangkok, which was one of the best live venue where people can enjoy rock and alternative music that play by local bands. Yet, the band member agreed that it was not yet fulfill their passion toward music they love, so ‘Desktop Error’ has begun.

   The band has got SO:ON Dry Flower a big interest. By the support of this well-known Thai indie and experimental music label together with the individual tune of music arrangement from their vital Japanese music producer ‘Koishi Shimisu’, finally in 2006, Desktop Error has released their first mini debut album ‘Instinct’. This album has been a little but vital break-in to Thai indie/Rock music scene, and from that little step they’ve grown a small but strong groups of music fans who still supporting them todays.

   By 2009, the first full album was released named ‘Ticket to Home’. Although, it took them nearly 3 years to finished this album, still time eventually shows the real effort toward their music. With the mixture of Thai instrument and their prettier melody that tune in with their own rock/alternative/shoegaze style made them different and happy not to put their music into any specific category. By the time, a single 'Took took wan' has made it way to the 'Fat Radio 40 top chart' for 3 weeks until it reached the top no.1 chart, follow by 'Kor' which also made its way to the top 10 chart as well.

   Through their hard time toward Thai music industry, todays Desktop Error is growing and has been joining with several interesting art and music festivals, events, parties and films within the country and also the neighbours (Hongkong and Macau) such as, Fat Festival, Tiger Translate, Big Mountain Music Festival, Fete de la Musique (Bangkok). Since they decided to provide good and interesting music as long as possible, Desktop Error then became one of the interesting Thai bands that worth listening and supporting.

 Lek Kongphaibun (Lead Vocal)
Adisak Poung ok (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal)
Wuttipong Leetrakul (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal)
Chanarong Jamkow (Bass)
Phatharhaphon Thongsuka (Drum)

 Ticket To Home


1. Ticket to Home 05:08
2. ทุกทุกวัน 03:27
3. คืนที่ไม่ปกติ 05:02
4. ภาพลวงตา 04:51
5. คู่ขนาน 02:20
6. พาฝัน 03:07
7. ขอ 03:08
8. เดินไปใน 03:34
9. VAPOR 02:07
10. อย่างน้อย 04:07
11. วัฎจักร 03:38