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Trippple Nippples

Trippple Nippples is an electropop band from Tokyo, Japan. 
Famous for their unique performances, the band was formed in 2005.
 The artists going by the stage names Qrea Nippple, Yuka Nippple and Nabe Nippple do the singing and dancing. 
The Australians Joseph No and Jimi Mased perform on keyboards, synthesizers, guitar, bass and laptop. American Eddie Clay plays the drums during live performances . 
Several of their more wild performances resulted in being banned from those venues. 
In an endorsement deal with the footwear brand Palladium, Pharrell Williams hosted a documentary that featured Trippple Nippples' live show.

 You won’t be disappointed.



Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Desktop Error

  Desktop Error, a so called Thai Alternative Indie Rock band, formed by a group of friends that enjoy playing music together since college and university time. With the similar type of music and lifestyle they enjoy together, it eventually inspired them to form their own band.

Desktop Error at the beginning///
   Started their music pathway/career by playing covered Rock music (i.e. Radiohead, Pink Floyd or the Stone Roses) at Lullabar, a bar and restaurant in central Bangkok, which was one of the best live venue where people can enjoy rock and alternative music that play by local bands. Yet, the band member agreed that it was not yet fulfill their passion toward music they love, so ‘Desktop Error’ has begun.

   The band has got SO:ON Dry Flower a big interest. By the support of this well-known Thai indie and experimental music label together with the individual tune of music arrangement from their vital Japanese music producer ‘Koishi Shimisu’, finally in 2006, Desktop Error has released their first mini debut album ‘Instinct’. This album has been a little but vital break-in to Thai indie/Rock music scene, and from that little step they’ve grown a small but strong groups of music fans who still supporting them todays.

   By 2009, the first full album was released named ‘Ticket to Home’. Although, it took them nearly 3 years to finished this album, still time eventually shows the real effort toward their music. With the mixture of Thai instrument and their prettier melody that tune in with their own rock/alternative/shoegaze style made them different and happy not to put their music into any specific category. By the time, a single 'Took took wan' has made it way to the 'Fat Radio 40 top chart' for 3 weeks until it reached the top no.1 chart, follow by 'Kor' which also made its way to the top 10 chart as well.

   Through their hard time toward Thai music industry, todays Desktop Error is growing and has been joining with several interesting art and music festivals, events, parties and films within the country and also the neighbours (Hongkong and Macau) such as, Fat Festival, Tiger Translate, Big Mountain Music Festival, Fete de la Musique (Bangkok). Since they decided to provide good and interesting music as long as possible, Desktop Error then became one of the interesting Thai bands that worth listening and supporting.

 Lek Kongphaibun (Lead Vocal)
Adisak Poung ok (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal)
Wuttipong Leetrakul (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal)
Chanarong Jamkow (Bass)
Phatharhaphon Thongsuka (Drum)

 Ticket To Home


1. Ticket to Home 05:08
2. ทุกทุกวัน 03:27
3. คืนที่ไม่ปกติ 05:02
4. ภาพลวงตา 04:51
5. คู่ขนาน 02:20
6. พาฝัน 03:07
7. ขอ 03:08
8. เดินไปใน 03:34
9. VAPOR 02:07
10. อย่างน้อย 04:07
11. วัฎจักร 03:38

Monday, 8 August 2011

Pride of Mind

Pride of Mind was formed in Osaka, Japan in 1992 by Atsushi Fukuyama and vocalist Haruna Masaki (now Klaha), with Masanori Ito joining a little later. Fukuyama, who was influenced by 80s music, was the one responsible for the band’s songs. After making demo tapes and appearing on an omnibus album, the band started to develop a cult following. In 1995 they released an album (Systems of Romance), but then in 1996 Masaki and Ito left. Atsushi Fukuyama attempted to reform the band with Yusuke Gotoh (nowadays Dada of Velvet Eden-fame), with whom he released a demo tape with. 
Pride of Mind disbanded shortly afterwards.

Monday, 30 May 2011


  Plasticzooms is a dingy goth rock band from Japan. Much like Lillies and Remains (more on them in a second) the band blends late '70s and early '80 goth punk with more modern-day post-punk with electro flourishes (My Bloody Valentine, Bauhaus etc...) Their production seems to be intentionally gritty most of the time. Both Sho (male) and back up vocalist TIF (female) sing entirely in English, though it's so heavily accented as to make it virtually another language.

  Speaking of bandleader and front-man Sho, he is also the support bassist for the aforementioned Lillies and Remains. Both bands a quite similar, so it's safe to say that if you like one, you'll like the other. In fact, Sho even sings in the same low register as L&R singer Kent. The main difference is that Sho is much more likely to scream and screech. Plasticzooms is also more abrasive and raw, again due in no small part to Sho's performance. Unsurprisingly, the two bands often play live shows together.

  Sho also seems to be the band's visual designer. He has a selection of art on their MySpace page, (the band doesn't seem to have any other web presence as of this writing) including the album artwork and t-shirts. As for albums, they have only one mini-album out so far. The five original songs are supplemented with five remixes by other artists, including the current buzz-band Selfish Cunt. A coup, indeed. Unfortunately, the remixes only detract from the album, as the band's own work is very good. On their own, the five originals make a spectacular debut devoid of the need for any embellishment. Keep your eyes on these guys.

2011.2.11 Release
" h c t i w-❖ remix-"


"b l o o s n o w -❖ remix-"

2010.12.11 OUT

"B U G"
"V U G -❖ remix-"

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Blood was a Japanese band that was active from 2002 to 2009. Blood's aim was to create music that expresses the meaning of human emotion that breaks the musical frame. They were closely associated with visual kei but the band referred to themselves as a "gothic band".
They have toured in Japan, Europe, the United States, Mexico and australia. They're one of the first Japanese visual kei bands to tour in Australia. Blood was regularly featured in the Gothic & Lolita Bible and they have been featured in western magazines, including Astan, Rumore, and Gothic Beauty.


Blood was formed in February 2002 in Osaka, and has separate "periods" defined by changing concepts. The band was formed when members Kiwamu and Kaede recruited Dai and Taichi to their duo project. During the first period they released three singles, "Bloodtype", "Morphine/Collector", and "Tsuioku: I Remember You".
On February 10, 2003, the vocalist Dai left. Blood began their second period with new vocalist Takeshi and released the mini-album "Blood". Blood performed twice in the USA at Fanime in 2003 and Anime expo during the same year. They also released their third and fourth demo tapes. On February 29, 2004, Taichi and Takeshi left the band. Blood performed again at Fanime in May with their new vocalist Fu-ki. This was his first time performing with the band in America.
With new vocalist Fu-ki's entry into the band, Blood began to move their music in a more hard rock direction. The third period had a vampire concept. Their next series of albums would follow a vampire story much in the vein of Anne Rice's novels, with the story penned entirely by Fu-ki and music writing handled solely by Kiwamu.
In the winter of 2004, they released "Vengeance for Blood" and began their worldwide tour, starting in Europe.  Soon after, Blood was interviewed on the radio show Bad Transitions on 91.7 WIXO FM, a college radio station based in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The show was also broadcast by internet webcast.
During a tour in May 2005, played three shows in Mexico City. That summer (July 2005), they released "Vengeance for Blood 2" and another European and Mexican tour followed. During the Mexican tour, they filmed their first full-length live DVD "Vengeance for Blood - Live in Mexico". Early in 2006, they released the final chapter in their vampire concept, "Vengeance for Blood 3". 2,000 copies were pressed, and it sold out in 4 days.

In November 2006, they did another interview on WIXO FM, this time on the newly formed J-Rock show, Tainted Reality, hosted by former Bad Transitions host Roger Shackelford. The following month (March 2006), they did their last tour with the vampire concept though Europe and a special live event in Japan.
Shortly after, they announced a US and Mexico tour (Les Fleurs Du Mal). The USA tour sold out at both stops in Los Angeles and New York City.
With the vampire concept finished, Blood was faced with a new beginning. They continued in the Hard Rock direction and they started a new concept based on the poetry of the French poet, Charles Baudelaire.
They released their first mini-album under the french poetry concept entitled "Spleen ~Despair~" on October 7, 2006. Another tour of Europe followed, as well as and an announcement of a US mini-tour for March 2007. "Les Fleurs du Mal" was released on July 7, 2007 in both Regular and Limited Edition, The Limited including the Darkest Labyrinth Vol.1 tour documentary. In this period, Kiwamu opened Cure distribution (Now known as Darkest Labyrinth) which aims to distribute foreign CD's in Japan, with GPKISM, Spectrum-x, Virgins O.R Pigeons and Noir du'soleil being some of the artists currently signed.
Almost a month after the release of "Les Fleurs du Mal" Blood released "Best Collection 2002-2007", composed of 4 songs from the first 2 era's of the band and the 12 from the present period. Afterward, the band worked on their concept, "Symphony of Chaos", which follows a Gothic industrial sound. EP "Dead-Hearted" was released September 9, 2007 and is the first of their works in the Symphony of Chaos concept. The track 'Blood' being a cover of a previous era and also includes Exo-Chika of Aural Vampire as a guest vocalist. Their single "Chain" was then subsequently released in December 2007 and other than a limited re-release of a "Vengeance for Blood" CD. In early 2008 the band activities were relatively silent.
Breaking the silence, the band released "The Reaper Behind Me", the first full length album from the new concept. The CD contained two discs in which the second contained 10 remixes of songs from and prior to the album. Following the album's release the band toured Australia with GPKISM and Aural Window.
In September 2007, Kiwamu joined GPKISM  headed by GPK (Gothique Prince Ken) of Australia as the guitarist. The band recruited Ryonai (Blam Honey) on live keyboards and have released 1 album and 1 single, gaining them some notoriety. It was announced on November 20, 2008 through their official MySpace page that Blood will cease activities after their 2009 album Lost Sky and their final tour, entitled "La Fin de la Journee".
Kaede and Ryo did not participate in the final tour. Gothique Prince Ken (better known as GPK) filled in on keyboard.


Vengeance for blood integral edition

Since the first edition full album VENGEANCE for BLOOD INTEGRAL EDITION by BLOOD released in 2006 has sold out, a new album containing remastered versions of all the songs, VENGEANCE for BLOOD INTEGRAL EDITION, will be released to mark the 6th anniversary of BLOOD's formation. It will include 4 additional songs that were not included in LIMITED EDITION, including a remix by label-mates Virgins O.R. Pigeons. The first edition, which will be limited to 300 copies, will include a DVD featuring the sold out VENGEANCE for BLOOD LIVE in Mexico.
Industrial / Gothic / Metal
1. eien wo samayou, fukusyu geki no makuake
4. Unforgiven
5. yamini ikisazu ketsuzoku, yurusarezaru tsumi to sono mukui
6. D.T.M.H.
7. Under The Sensual Moon...
8. tanmei
9. orikasanaru sikkoku no meikyu ni kurikaesu higeki no rasen
10. I remember you
11. Forever lost
12. Awakening
13. VICE
14. Se lever
15. rasen no yukusue
16. Wings of The Rebellion
21. Sleeping 'till...
22. Under The Sensual Moon...(Virgins O.R. Pigeons remix)

November 5, 2005 Live at Circo Volador in Mexico
3. I remember you
4. Forever lost
5. Awakening
6. Se lever
7. Under The Sensual Moon...
8. Unforgiven9. D.T.M.H.


A full album accompanying the new concept "Symphony of Chaos," which began in 2007, finally makes its appearance. As the first album since their musical transition to a gothic/industrial style, it will be released as a 2-disc set with disc 1 being the full album and disc 2 containing remixes created with foreign clubs in mind. Participating as guest vocalists are Exo-Chika of Aural Vampire on a re-recording of the 1st period track, "BLOOD," and Austrian singer Emily Rose on "FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD." The jacket image was shot in Los Angeles and features model Jade Starr. Remixes have been contributed by BLOOD's label-mates Virgins O.R. Pigeons (Greece), GPK (Australia), Spectrum-X (Italy); foreign artists BLUE BIRDS REFUSE TO FLY (Greece), The Last Dance (USA), In-Tranzit (Australia), siva six (Greece); and Japanese artists Anny-K (Camino), calmand qual, and DJ dora.
Gothic / Industrial / Electro

06. BLOOD feat. EXO-CHIKA (Aural Vampire)
11. FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD feat. Emily Rose (Hallows end)

02. DANSE MACABRE (Virgins O.R. Pigeons mix)
03. BLOOD (more sake mix by The Last Dance)
04. DEAD-HEARTED (brontide mix by Anny-K)
06. WALL OF GRIEF (DJ dora mix)
07. DEAD-HEARTED (No Mercy mix by In-Tranzit)
08. BLOOD (decimatored beat mix by calmand qual)
09. CRIMSON (hell bunt over necropolis mix by siva six)
10. CHAIN (Cursed mix by Spectrum-X)

Thursday, 28 April 2011


If there ever was a band that lived up to its name, it would be Mutyumu. A "crazy dream" is probably the best description for their music. A crazy dream full of fire, statuesque figures, impressionistic operas, delicate ballet performances, leering demon faces...the images are as diverse as the instrumentation and song structure. At one moment you'll be treated to very soft piano and violin melodies, only to be bashed over the head with a massive heavy metal dirge the next. Similarly, the vocal treatments range from almost inaudible whispers to angelic female falsettos to guttural male bellowing.

The work of Mutyumu is extremely artistic and symphonic, yet not overly so. They never stray into straight-up new age territory, while also staying clear of schlocky death metal. Simply put, it's goth in the very best sense of the word. Mature and very sophisticated, classically dark, they never go the easy route of over-the-top style over substance, instead doing the reverse. Avoiding slathering on the gloom, they strip things down to few elements, developing them into minimal symphonies. They even have a few regular rock songs that wouldn't be out of place on a Bauhaus or Buck-Tick album.

Their raspy strings and twinkling pianos along with other synthetic sounds set them apart as something more than your average band that just gets on stage and rocks out. They have extended atmospheric sections that either lighten or darken the mood, like either the sun or the moon rising over a secluded pond. A bit like Matyoshka or Sigur Ros with their trance-like crescendos, they seem to find their most beautiful moments when they're either their most calm and repetitive, or their most loud and soaring. Case in point, the incredible "祈り," ("Prayer") which builds to ridiculous heights over ten minutes.

Having been formed in 2002, they are still a bit young, yet their solid sound and production really hit the ground running with their first self-titled album in 2006. Their 2008 follow-up Ilya cranks up the number of full-band rock outs and death-metal blasts. It's much less subtle and atmospheric, aiming more for the gut with a clearer guitar/drums/bass/vocals format and less of a focus on the strings and piano, though they are both still very much a part of the equation. (Again, refer to "祈り" above.) 

Whatever your poison, be it classical strings and high society, or ancient demon metal and flaming pagan rituals, you'll find much to sink your teeth into with Mutyumu's twisted dream-scapes.

Mutyumu (夢中夢) describe their own music as a mixture of post-rock, minimal, classical, alternative, and heavy metal.


Hatis Noit (Vocal)
Ryota Yoda (Guitar)
Junpei Suda (Drums)
Yuko Ikenaga (Piano)
Yuji Hayashi (Bass)
Ryota Taniuchi (Violin)

On their 2008 album “Ilya”, World’s End Girlfriend, Hajime of ミドリ, and Robin from 赤犬 also worked in collaboration with the band.


2008 - Il ya

Artist – Mutyumu ( 夢中夢 )
Album – Il y a (イリヤ )
Release Date – 2008

01. Intro -il y a-
02. Bird [die ewige wiederkunft]
03. God's eye [l'oeil est dieu]
04. Our sense of distance [toi et moi]
05. Midnight sun at the end of the world to repeat the fall [repetitional existence]
06. Sea of evil [doxastic - doxa incarnate]
07. I will return to dust but the dust [unforgiven]
08. We also repeated the words slowly lost it's meaning, tone down the language and brings pain [raison d'etre]
09. Sapphic [sappho]
10. Inori [prayer]
11. Date of ash [hai no hi]

Mutyumu Mutyumu
    Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Koku (5:28)
    2. Zantetsu (4:44)
    3. Kronos Kairos (5:46)
    4. Fujyo Kouhuku Sanka (6:14)
    5. Sonzai No Kakuritsu (3:17)
    6. Madouin Mousou Tenshi Kyoku (4:55)
    7. Tetsu No Hanataba (8:53)
    8. Syosou Kuka Gengai No Sirabe (4:30)
    9. Rakuen (12:44)
    10. Mumu No Renzokukousa (1:41)
    11. Hakugoku No Yume (4:46)
    12. Tata (4:25)

    夢中夢・セカンドデモCD-R『灰の日 / hai no hi』2004

     Songs / Tracks Listing

    1. Date of Ash (Hai No Hi)
    2. Monday (Geppaku)
    3. Hidari
    4. Hendo
    5. Babarake
    6. Girl (Syoujyo)


    Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, released in 2002

    Songs / Tracks Listing

    1. White Noise
    2. Fire Aoi / Souen
    3. Dirge / Sousou Ka
    4. Sunset / Syayou


    Friday, 22 April 2011

    Schwarz Stein

    Schwarz Stein was a Japanese electronic band, formed by Hora and Kaya in 2001 as "Rudolf Steiner", and disbanded in 2004.
    Schwarz Stein was a darkwave/electronic-based project, creating a variety of decadent and broodingly dark songs during their three years of activity.
    Schwarz Stein was a solely electronic-based duo, creating a variety of decadent and broodingly dark (at times) songs during their three years of activity. The group consisted of two members; Kaya (ex-ISOLA) and Hora (ex-Velvet Eden), who originally worked together under the name Rudolf Steiner in 2001. 2002 saw the band signed to Moi dix Mois leader Mana's record label Midi:Nette, and upon their joining, had renamed the duo "Schwarz Stein" (pseudo-German for "Black Stone").

    Prior to their name change, two demo tapes (Queen of Decadence and Perfect Garden) had been released. A re-worked version of Perfect Garden was later released as their Midi:Nette debut single. They went on to release their debut album New Vogue Children in June 2003, the single Current in November of the same year, and their final album Artificial Hallucination in February 2004. They opened for Mana's solo project Moi dix Mois a few times and played in several multiple-band shows, as well as making several solo appearances.


    [2002.07.31] Perfect Garden

    01. Perfect Garden
    02. Beautiful The Virgin

     [2003.11.17] Current

    01. Current
    02. Syphilis and Disorder
    03. Current (Instrumental)
    04. Syphilis and Disorder (Instrumental)


    [2003.06.30] New vogue children

    01. the alternation of generations -conception-
    02. Release me
    03. Rise to Heaven
    04. Queen of Decadence
    05. transient
    07. fester love
    08. Succubus
    09. New vogue children
    10. the alternation of generations -increase-

    [2004.02.25] Artificial Hallucination

    01. Testament
    02. Addictive Epicurean
    03. Profane gene
    04. CREEPER
    05. the alternation of generations -expire-
    06. Emergence of Silence
    07. Perfect Garden SK0520MIX
    08. Corroded Cage
    09. Schism
    10. Last Hallucination

    Kaya & Hora, Side project: Another Cell 
    A collaboration CD "Another Cell" was released in April 2006, limited to 1000 copies and only available for order through Kaya's official site. This limited edition CD features features re-mixed/re-worked versions of Rudolf Steiner's "kuro ageha" and Hora's "FROZEN PAST" and "INNER UNIVERSE" which make up three of the eight tracks. It should be noted that this is a one-time-only collaboration and not a reunion of Schwarz Stein.

    [2006.04.XX] Another Cell

    01. ARCHETYPE.01 (music: Hora) – 2:27
    02. Blazing darkness (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 3:58
    03. INNER UNIVERSE -cybernated- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 4:40
    04. funerary dream (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 4:05
    05. FROZEN PAST -raze- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 3:59
    06. kuroi tsubasa (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 4:36
    07. INDWELL -outer planet- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 4:03 **
    08. ARCHETYPE.02 (music: Hora) – 2:02


                                                                                 PERFECT GARDEN