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Schwarz Stein

Schwarz Stein was a Japanese electronic band, formed by Hora and Kaya in 2001 as "Rudolf Steiner", and disbanded in 2004.
Schwarz Stein was a darkwave/electronic-based project, creating a variety of decadent and broodingly dark songs during their three years of activity.
Schwarz Stein was a solely electronic-based duo, creating a variety of decadent and broodingly dark (at times) songs during their three years of activity. The group consisted of two members; Kaya (ex-ISOLA) and Hora (ex-Velvet Eden), who originally worked together under the name Rudolf Steiner in 2001. 2002 saw the band signed to Moi dix Mois leader Mana's record label Midi:Nette, and upon their joining, had renamed the duo "Schwarz Stein" (pseudo-German for "Black Stone").

Prior to their name change, two demo tapes (Queen of Decadence and Perfect Garden) had been released. A re-worked version of Perfect Garden was later released as their Midi:Nette debut single. They went on to release their debut album New Vogue Children in June 2003, the single Current in November of the same year, and their final album Artificial Hallucination in February 2004. They opened for Mana's solo project Moi dix Mois a few times and played in several multiple-band shows, as well as making several solo appearances.


[2002.07.31] Perfect Garden

01. Perfect Garden
02. Beautiful The Virgin

 [2003.11.17] Current

01. Current
02. Syphilis and Disorder
03. Current (Instrumental)
04. Syphilis and Disorder (Instrumental)


[2003.06.30] New vogue children

01. the alternation of generations -conception-
02. Release me
03. Rise to Heaven
04. Queen of Decadence
05. transient
07. fester love
08. Succubus
09. New vogue children
10. the alternation of generations -increase-

[2004.02.25] Artificial Hallucination

01. Testament
02. Addictive Epicurean
03. Profane gene
05. the alternation of generations -expire-
06. Emergence of Silence
07. Perfect Garden SK0520MIX
08. Corroded Cage
09. Schism
10. Last Hallucination

Kaya & Hora, Side project: Another Cell 
A collaboration CD "Another Cell" was released in April 2006, limited to 1000 copies and only available for order through Kaya's official site. This limited edition CD features features re-mixed/re-worked versions of Rudolf Steiner's "kuro ageha" and Hora's "FROZEN PAST" and "INNER UNIVERSE" which make up three of the eight tracks. It should be noted that this is a one-time-only collaboration and not a reunion of Schwarz Stein.

[2006.04.XX] Another Cell

01. ARCHETYPE.01 (music: Hora) – 2:27
02. Blazing darkness (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 3:58
03. INNER UNIVERSE -cybernated- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 4:40
04. funerary dream (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 4:05
05. FROZEN PAST -raze- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 3:59
06. kuroi tsubasa (music: Hora, lyrics: Kaya) – 4:36
07. INDWELL -outer planet- (music and lyrics: Hora) – 4:03 **
08. ARCHETYPE.02 (music: Hora) – 2:02


                                                                             PERFECT GARDEN

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